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Friday, February 24, 2006

Thats a chick flick! or is it?

I’ve just “stumbled” upon the boyfriend’s new best friend, and no it’s not gin.

This new friend is none other than the highly educational website which hails itself as “The most comprehensive reference for celebrity nudity on the Internet. This site has reviews of over 12,000 nude scenes - updated daily. All reviews of nude scenes are written by celeb skin devotees just like you.”

So the next time your better half is telling you that seeing Brokeback Mountain will make you more of a man. You can zip on over to the and find out she’s right because at 56 minutes into the film you get this.

Anne continues with the same quick shots of her breasts that she left off in “Havoc”. The scene takes place in the back of a car with Anne on top of Jake Gyllenhal who takes off her shirt to quickly lie back down on him so there’s about an actual few seconds her breasts are revealed. A short flash, but long enough to see her breasts clearly. It’s good to see that her bravery in showing off her incredible body didn’t die out with Havoc and hopefully she will continue down this path in future films.


How far will it go?

I'm curious as to the veracity of the numerous genres of music these days. Names such as, Dc math rock, laptop pop, nu-folk or whatever seem to come and go with no lasting influence.

I propose that we do away with all these sub-genres and boil everything back into 4-5 main groups, so that the next time johnny guitar is asked which kind of music he plays, he can smile and reply, "I rock"